About StoneCAD®

StoneCAD® 7 is a web based interactive tool to assist designers, builders, architects and other professionals to document and work with Cultured Stone® products. StoneCAD® is a collection of electronic tools used to assist in documenting projects that include Cultured Stone® products.

StoneCAD® has been developed specifically for the Cultured Stone® products offered by Boral. VIZf/x developed the StoneCAD® software and most of the assets offered in the StoneCAD® application. VIZf/x is an architectural firm specializing in technological advances to the practice of architecture. The original Stone Products Corporation, former owners of the Cultured Stone® line of products, together with VIZf/x released the first version of StoneCAD® in 1996. The self contained software quickly became the industry standard for electronically documenting buildings that include Cultured Stone®. Over the years there have been multiple releases of the StoneCAD® application. Release 7 is a large departure from the previous self contained applications by placing the entire library of StoneCAD® assets on the internet.

StoneCAD® is not a CAD application. It is a collection of items like hatch patterns, seamless maps, and other items intended to augment many of the popular CAD applications used by design professionals.